Animal Brewing Co

Hop Kitty 3.9% ABV

(22 beer miles)

Lightly toasted malts and packed with Citra and Cascade hops bursting with intense tropical  flavours. Big mango and lychee zest courtesy of a  third round of dry hopping. 


Mad Squirrel

Big Sea 4.7% ABV

(3 beer miles)

Big citrus, big pine and big bitterness come in waves throughout this brew, courtesy of some big ā€˜Cā€™ hops. Get ready because the tide is changing and big sea is coming!

Mad Squirrel

Resolution 4.2% ABV

(3 beer miles)

A golden ale late hopped with three American hop varieties for maximum flavour. This beautiful brew shows everyone our resolution to keep cask ale alive.

Chiltern Brewery

Salted Caramel Ale 4.4% ABV

(12 beer miles)

Smooth ale that packs a memorable salted caramel punch. The beer cherishes Chiltern Brewery's beloved brewing heritage whilst offering a modern twist.

Tring Brewery

Codey 4.0% ABV

(5 beer miles)

This hop forward pale has big hitter after big hitter. Expect intense tropical fruit aromas which are slightly smoothed by the use of plenty of flaked oats.

Tring Brewery

White IPA 5.5% ABV

(5 beer miles)

This juicy style is inspired by a New England IPA. A drenching of tropical fruit aromas from an abundance of late and dry-hopping, provides a powerful IPA.

XT Brewing Co

XT3 4.2 % ABV

(22 beer miles)

An American West Coast style IPA. Packed with Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops. A crisp, clean and refreshing beer with a lasting hoppy bite.


Mad Squirrel

Pulp Fiction 4.7% ABV

(3 beer miles)

A light, refreshing and clean, medium cider made with only the best Herefordshire grown apples, from the Celtic Marshes farm.

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