Farr Brew

Porter 5.0% ABV

(17 beer miles)

Six types of malt, old and new world hops, treacle and locally sourced honey all combine to create a deliciously complex porter.



Haresfoot Brewery

Totem 4.5% ABV

(3 beer miles)

American style IPA which explodes with citrusy flavour hop aromas, all perfectly balanced by a biscuit malt and grapefruit bitterness.



Leighton Buzzard

Rebel Yell 5.0%

(27 beer miles)

A black IPA offering that fantastic juxtaposition between the initial smooth richness of the malt quickly followed by sharp dry hops.



Cornwall Cider Co

Slayer 5.7% ABV

(290 cider miles)

A light, easy drinking cider, made with a delicate blend of bittersweet Dabinette cider apples and sweet Galas. It's made for a hearty meal but great as a refreshing drink. 

Beer & Cider for Comedy Night 6-11pm Saturday 11 November

Animal Brewing Co

Goat 4.6% ABV

(22 beer miles)

Full of body and oats, but still pale and hoppy.  Packed with Phoenix and Admiral hops, this beer has loads of citrus, floral and spicy notes.  


Aylesbury Brewhouse Co

Ivey League 4.3% ABV

(13 beer miles)

New England IPA is the latest beer style on the craft beer scene. Hazy, full of fruit hop flavours and lower bitterness than a traditional IPA.



Chiltern Brewery

300s Old Ale 5.0% ABV

(12 beer miles)

A classic in the true tradition of old ales. Satisfyingly dark but not impenetrable, good body but not overpowering, with a long pleasing finish.



Apple Cottage Cider

King Leonidas 6.7% ABV

(34 cider miles)

Made with single variety Spartan apples from local orchards in and around Baldock. The balance  of this cider is excellent with a subtle  apple flavour.

Tring Brewery Co

Chinook 4.2% ABV

(5 beer miles)

One of the monthly speicals. Bittered, late hopped and dry hopped with US Chinook, this amber ale has notes of pine, grapefruit and spice.



Vale Brewery

Don't Tell Him Pike 4.2%

(13 beer miles)

Modern take on a Burton style IPA, brewed with five English hops. Rich amber colour with a strong citrus aroma and bitterness balanced with.



XT Brewing Company

XT8 4.5% ABV

(22 beer miles)

A smooth rich dark porter beer. Brewed with a careful blend of four malts, and a cocktail of hops, to give a deep dark beer with roasty coffee flavours.



Millwhites Cider

Somer Gold 5.0% ABV

(156 cider miles)

Somer Gold is the cider to satisfy your fix of real cider. Bright, smooth and over-flowing with a true taste of Somerset.



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