Beers 1

Blackened Sun

Collision 4.7% ABV

(28 beer miles)

Take on an original British classic with the English ale yeast replaced with a Belgian alternative that gives a unique character. A spicy, fruity, hazy collision of two brewing styles.


Chiltern Brewery

Nut Brown Mild 3.9% ABV

(12 beer miles)

Luxuriously smooth, dark and subtly sweet mild with a beautifully balanced hop aroma. Brewed in the style of a classic traditional

no-nonsense mild.


Chiltern Brewery

Colombian Coffee Porter 4.1%

(12 beer miles)

The mouth-watering aroma of smooth roasted coffee beans offering a cafe creme flavour and finish. A dark roasted ale infused with Granja La Esperanza Margaritas coffee.


Concrete Cow Brewery

Fenny Popper 4.0% ABV

(28 beer miles)

Single hopped with American Cascade, a golden bitter offering zest and citrusy Cascade flavours. Inhale the sherbet aroma and taste the tantalisingly bitter finish.


Concrete Cow Brewery

Ahtanum Bitter 4.3% ABV

(28 beer miles)

A dark best bitter using the Ahtanum hop to combine it's moderate bittering qualities and pleasant aroma with datk roasted English malts for a smooth and balanced pint.


Animal Brewing Co

Hopcat 3.9% ABV

(22 beer miles)

Lightly toasted malts and packed with Citra and Cascade hops bursting with intense tropical flavours. Big mango and lychee zest courtesy of a third round of dry hopping.

Aylesbury Brewhouse Co

Modern Prometheus 5.1%

(13 beer miles)

In honour of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. A monster concoction of dark and roasted malts for a robust body, heavily hopped with big pine and citrus flavours.


Banks & Taylor

Shefford Plum Mild 3.8% ABV

(27 beer miles)

A dark beer with a red tint. Well balanced, roast malt taste and subtle plum flavours. Brewed with a mix of malts along with Challenger Golding and Fuggle hops.


Banks & Taylor

Edwin Taylor's Stout 4.5%

(27 beer miles)

A pleasant bitter beer with a strong roast malt flavour. Brewed using Pearl Pale and Crystal malt, plus roast barley and Hercules hops. Taste is bittersweet with a dry finish.


Blackened Sun

Hédoné Saison 3.6% ABV

(28 beer miles)

An unfined beer made with British malt and hops and traditional saison yeast. Light and refreshing with a spicy, fruity yeast character and notes of citrus and berries.

Crafty Hare

Hoppiness Is ... 5.0% ABV

(3 beer miles)

A classic New England style IPA with a golden appearance. Hop driven aromas of citrus, pine and grapefruit overlay rounded malty flavours, setting up for a bitter finish.


Crafty Hare

Banoffe Stout 6.0% ABV

(3 beer miles)

Half milk stout and half Dunkelweiss, this tipple blends toffee with natural banana esters. Crafted using English and Belgian brewing techniques.


Farr Brew

Porter 5.0% ABV

(17 beer miles)

Six types of malt, old and new world hops, treacle and locally sourced honey combine to create a complex porter with a deep chocolatey nose, and a rich, fruity hopped flavour.


Haresfoot Brewery

Dragon's Bain 4.5% ABV

(3 beer miles)

For St George's Day beer, a full bodied red ale featuring four different English hops. Caramel, earthy and slightly citrusy. Made with pale grains delivering a slightly red hue.


Leighton Buzzard

Train Robber 5.0% ABV

(27 beer miles)

The latest ale in Jon's range. Brewed with extra Pale Marris Otter malt this ale is very light in colour and has been dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.



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